Optimize Your Body With The Latest In Integrative and

Functional Medicine

Achieve Elite Health And Wellness Today

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1


  • Hormone Management And Optimization

  • Customized Peptide Therapy

  • Body Composition Tracking

  • Medical Weight Loss Therapy

Chapter 2


  • Customized Meal Planning

  • Weekly Meals Prepared For You

  • Professional Nutritionist Guidance

  • Tasty Fuel For Your Fitness And Wellness Goals At Every Turn

Chapter 3


  • Tailored Fitness Plans To Sculpt Your Body

  • State Of The Art Training Facility

  • World Class Accountability

  • World Class Trainers And Equipment

Chapter 4

Rest and Recovery

  • Massage Therapy

  • Cryotherapy

  • Chiropractic Therapy

  • State of The Art Stretch Movements And Flexibility Coaching

Chapter 5


  • Mold Your Mindset And Achieve Your Competitive Edge

  • Power Your Wellness Journey With A Bullet Proof Mindset

  • Nourish Your Body Mind Connection

Chapter 6


  • Surround Yourself With Optimized Peers

  • Connect On Wellness & Business

  • World Class Accountability

  • World Class Mastermind

From Average

to Optimized Strength

Let us transform the way you look, feel, and experience life.

Our medical team specializes in helping you reach your most optimal state with the latest medical breakthroughs in hormone and Bio-Therapies. So what does that mean for you?

With thousands of completed treatment sessions, our medical professionals offer a high level of skill, expertise, strategy, and elegance. Our approach focuses on optimizing our patient’s health so they can look, feel, and become biologically younger

Feel Like

The Best Version Of Yourself

Your Body Can WorK With You Instead Of Against You As You Age With The Right Team And Wellness Plan

Let us take you by the hand and optimize your body to work with you instead of against you, so you can feel your best, look your best and be your best for yourself your mission and your family

We Use A Unique Process Called Bio-Synergistics To Find Exactly Where The Imbalances In Your Body Are Holding You Back From Your Goals.

We Will Customize A Wellness Plan That Will Allow Your Body To Work With You Instead Of Against You...

Now You Can Start Living

The Best Version Of Yourself

At Any Age With Our

4 Step Process:

Medical Consultation

Deep Dive Analysis

Customized Wellness Plan

Healthy and Optimized Living

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Hormone Or Peptide Therapy Really Help Me Achieve My Goals?

Based on our internal data any client who follows our unique process will see incredible results every time. We have refined this process after collectively helping hundreds of patients achieve their highest self in health and wellness. Because each plan is tailored to you specifically to optimize your body for success. You will succeed if you follow your protocols and follow our process. We look forward to giving you everything you need to succeed in your goals and living your best self.


What Can I Expect If I Am New To BioSynergistics?

You can expect to get a full assessment of your health through a thorough analysis of your health and blood work so we can find out exactly what is holding you back from the best version of you. Then and only then can we customize a plan with the latest and greatest in science and bio-therapies to re-optimize and rebalance your body to work with you toward your goals instead of against you. Whether you are going through changes as you are getting older or you just want to be optimized you are in the right place

Here Is What You Will Get With Your Bio-Synergistics Assessment

Get a full analysis to find out exactly where the imbalances in the body are so we can customize a personalized plan using the latest in bio-therapies to rebalance and optimize your body for peak performance and get your body to start working with you instead of against you as you achieve your wellness goals.

  • Blood Work And Labs

  • Full Body Composition Assessment And Analysis

  • Medical Consultation With One Of Our World Class Medical Providers

  • Customized Biotherapy Plan To Optimize Your Body For Peak Performance

  • Initial Meal Plans Tailored To Your Goals And Dietary Requirements


After struggling with menopause, I really struggled with my weight and being able to feel my best. After figuring our exactly where my body was imbalanced and working with Dr Sabrina to rebalance my body I am finally able to look and feel my best again.


Tabatha W.

45, USA


Before working with Dr. Sabrina Solt I was depressed and tired every day. Now looking back I can't imagine going back to the way things were. I feel like a new man and was able to reclaim my life after rebalancing and optimizing my biology


Peter K.

44, USA


I struggled with my shoulder injury for years and tried everything under the sun from PRP to pain management and nothing worked at all so I was skeptical to try anything else. But when I tried the wolverine stack my shoulder finally has relief and is healing up nicely.


Ben L.

45, USA

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The Scottsdale School Of Wellness is dedicated to enhancing the health and lives of its patients through pinpointing exactly where the imbalances in the body are and then using the latest in available biotherapy to rebalance and optimize your body to peak performance at any age.

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